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hello - im the new guy.
my name is jaxon, im 28 and i live in california right now but am planning a move to oregon.
i ride a kymco 250 year round (no other transport by choice)

howdy all

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not a dog
does anyone have a mens corazzo jacket they want to sell? I need a size medium and I like the max and the hoodie the best.

also, I have a large mens prima jacket that is too big for me that id be willing to trade or sell

USA Today: Cities promote scooter commuting
By Martha T. Moore, USA TODAY

Some cities are trying to combat traffic congestion by encouraging commuters to hop out of their cars and onto their motor scooters.

San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle and Cincinnati are among cities that have recently created special parking areas for scooters, which some public officials say are more efficient than driving alone in a car.

In Atlanta, the downtown business improvement association, Central Atlanta Progress, this year added bike racks to be used for scooter parking, says Angie Laurie, vice president for transportation. "We are trying to promote awareness of scooter commuting," Laurie says. "It is cleaner than many other modes" of transportation, such as cars.

The scooter-friendliness coincides with a surge in sales of scooters and motorcycles. In 2008, sales jumped an estimated 41% due to high gas prices, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council, a trade association.

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Makeover of a Virginia Scooter Shop
CNN Money - No free rides: Overhauling a scooter biz

very interesting to read.

I want!
I love this motorcycle jacket...

Matt Alexander: Scooter envy can be dangerous
Athens Banner-Herald | Story updated at 6:47 pm on 9/1/2009

When I bought my scooter, my goal was to reduce my personal carbon footprint, and maybe to enhance my personal "cool" factor, but I had no idea how much attention and curiosity I would attract.

Either I have a cute butt that other drivers couldn't see before, or everyone wants a good look at my tailpipe, because everywhere I go, whoever is behind me wants to get up-close and personal.

The attention is great, and maybe more people will trade in an SUV for a scooter, but it makes me a little nervous when anything with four wheels, made of a couple tons of metal and plastic, gets close enough to sniff my exhaust. I mean, one slip, one distraction, and before your neural synapses can say, "Whoa! Look out!" I'm toast and at least part of your day is ruined.

You might ask why I don't just buy a bigger vehicle. I'd ask why you don't just buy a scooter. Obviously, we each have our reasons for driving our particular vehicle. I'd just like to see you a little farther away in my rearview mirror.

So when you see me zipping down the street on my very roadworthy little green machine, just give me a little breathing room.

And it's OK to drool with envy.

Happy motoring!

Upgrading vs Derestricting my Kymco People 50


I'm so glad to have found this forum! Two weeks ago I bought my first scooter, a cream and tan Kymco People 50. I absolutely love it! I'd love it a little more, though, it it went just a teeny bit faster.

I'm currently looking at options for upgrading it. One local scooter shop offers an 80cc upgrade kit to add 15mph to it, which would be about $300. The dealer where I bought it offers derestricting it which they say would add about 5, maybe 10mph to it for about $100.

Does anyone have any experience with either of these options? Or something else entirely? What are the pros and cons of upgrading vs just leaving it as is? I love my scooter and don't want to do anything that might damage it.

Thanks in advance for all of your help!

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scooter cam
video from today's scooter trip to some wind turbines here in taiwan:

scooter trip to the wind turbines from Sara O. on Vimeo.


old scooter commercial with Michael Jackson


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