Cup Holder?
red shoe
Am I crazy to want a cup holder on my scooter??
I know I can't drink anything while I'm riding, but it'd be nice to have something to at least HOLD a bottle of water or something.

Do you have a cup holder?
Know where I can get one or something?

scooter diva is on twitter

anyone know of other good ones?

old timey

and this... uh...

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I did it!
red shoe
I found a scooter!!

I ended up with a new 2009 Aprilia Scarabeo 200.

I LOVE it.
This is my first scooter - I had never even ridden one before.
I picked it up this past Tuesday and tooled around on some back roads for 2 days then took it out on the 55MPH road I have to take to work. I was scared and first but its so zippy and fast it keeps up no problem. (It'll supposedly go 70 but I'm happy enough at 55!)

Ride to Work Day

Out of a total 129,141,982 commuters in this country (USA, 2003) 147,703 of them ride motorcycles to work regularly. That’s only .11 percent. US Census Bureau

The average United States driver travels 29 miles per day and is driving a total of 55 minutes per day. (This is an average vehicle speed of 32 mph.) US Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Tests comparing car and motorcycle performance on real journeys suggest that traveling by motorcycle can shorten journey times by as much as 33 minutes of every hour for town centre and city travel, and 20 minutes of every hour for travel through a mixture of built-up and non built-up areas. Motorcycle Industry Association (UK)

3 - 5 motorcycles fit per automobile parking space.

Motorcycles 191 million gallons (50.1 avg mpg x 1,800 miles per year per motorcycle)
Passenger Cars 74,590 million gallons (22.3 avg mpg x 13,000 miles per year per car)
Light Truck/SUV 56,302 million gallons (17.7 avg mpg x 13,000 miles per year per Lt Trk / SUV)
US Dept of Transportation, Bureau of Travel Statistics

more at

Buying Used
red shoe
I've never bought anything used before and for some reason I am a bit wary.
BUT, I found this Craigslist ad for a scooter -

I kinda like it, but the fact that it's a 2002 kinda scares me. "Scares" probably isn't the right word but....I guess I hesitate buying something older like this (though I am well aware that some people buy OLD, vintage machines with no issues.)

Any info on this type of scooter? It looks like Aprilia only really makes "sporty" bikes now.
Does this price seem high? I can get the new Kymco I was looking at for around $3k.
Is there a good place to find out the value of a used bike so I don't end up over paying?

I'm hoping to go look at it today so any help would be greatly appreciated!

New Here!
red shoe
Hey there!

I am looking at buying a scooter. Hopefully someone can give me some advice.

First, I think I am looking at the Kymco People 150.
I like that it has bigger wheels (though the tires are awfully skinny!). I'm told the bigger wheels are more safe though.

Most/all of the roads I'll be riding on are 55MPH so that kind of scares me. They aren't hiways - just like county roads or something, but still - fast!

I have never ridden a scooter before? Do places let you test drive them? So far everyone I've gone, no ones really mentioned it so I assumed they wouldn't.

Anything else I should know/do before I buy???

honda helix
Word from the recently injured ... gear up before riding out ... crashed this weekend and although I was luck enough not to hit my head I am very gratefull to have had it and my gloves on - and my hiking boots - when I went down.

Alas I was seriously injured and will spend the next 6 weeks healing from a plate and 2 screws put in my right ankle.

Be safe while riding .... hope to join you soon on the road ...maybe by the end of June....

Oh, and I dont know the state of my bike yet ...sigh....

What's better for the environment, a scooter or a car?
By Cecil Adams, The Straight Dope, March 20, 2009

Dear Cecil:

A coworker who considers herself "green" rides a scooter to work, confident she's leaving a smaller carbon footprint than us slugs who drive cars. But her ride has a two-stroke engine. I recall hearing that running a lawn mower for 30 minutes pollutes more than commuting all week in a car. What's the deal, Cecil? Which pollutes more per mile, a 15-MPG SUV or a 75-MPG oil-burning Vespa?

— Richard Chuttke, Westmont, Illinois

Cecil replies:

Two separate questions here, bud: (1) Which vehicle pollutes more? (2) Which leaves a smaller carbon footprint? You get a different answer depending on which one you ask.

The serious vehicle pollutants these days are carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and unburned hydrocarbons. (Sulfur and lead emissions, once problematic, are now largely a thing of the past.) Here are the federal standards for four wheels versus two:

Cars and light-duty trucks (including SUVs). Maximum CO emissions: 7.5 pounds per thousand miles. Unburned hydrocarbons: 0.154 pounds. NOx: 0.154 pounds.

Scooters and small motorcycles. Maximum CO: 42.57 pounds. Unburned hydrocarbons: 3.55 pounds. NOx: no limit.

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but it's only available in japan


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